Laurel Whole Plant Organic Facial

Suited for both women and men alike, our facials are completely customized and tailored expertly for your skin's current condition. Your session may include a combination of a deep-cleanse, exfoliation, plant-based masks, plant oils, and raw honey. Laurel’s creations are enhanced by effective facial techniques such as classic European facial massage, lymphatic drainage, gua sha, and steamy herbal poultices. Many of our clients afterwards feel like they have experienced a full body treatment.

*this service includes a complimentary grounding foot soak

$95 | 60 Minutes
$110 | 75 Minutes

Clear: A Holistic Acne Facial

Acne is multi-factorial... lifestyle, diet, hormones, and your genetic makeup are all important pieces of the puzzle. Our time together focuses upon discovering the combination of factors which contribute to your acne. Rather than treating your skin with harsh topicals or overly aggressive methods, a holistic acne facial provides balance and relief to your skin through herbal masks, LED light therapy, extractions, and an acne treatment plan personalized to your skin's needs. Your skin's texture and overall appearance radiates as detoxification clears congestion and reduces inflammation on your face and chest.

*Back acne? Acne is not exclusive to your face and chest. This treatment is suited for your back too.

$80 | 60 Minutes
$95 | 75 Minutes

The Nook Signature Facial

The Nook Signature Facial provides the elusive East meets West skincare collaboration. Our session combines all the delights of the Laurel Whole Plant Organic Facial with the addition of gentle extractions and light tweezing (if desired). LED light therapy increases collagen production, elasticity, and rounds out this all-inclusive, balanced, intuitive facial experience.

*this service includes a complimentary grounding foot soak

$145 | 105 Minutes

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