The Nook specializes in using hard wax; focusing and specializing in face, underarms, and intimate areas.


In April of 2018, I began training under Regina Felix and the Design Brows Naturally program. Brows can take up to 2 years to grow in to their optimal shape. For best results (and the easiest transition) while growing them out, you return every 3-4 weeks so I can make the necessary adjustments. This allows your brows to continue to grow into their ideal form. They WILL go through stages-please trust the process.

First Time Visit


Clients should not tweeze or wax for approximately 3 weeks before the initial appointment. I will design your brows based on their natural growth patterns and your bone structure. It will end with an application and lesson in brow products giving you the ability to enhance your new shape.

3-8 Weeks Since Last Visit


This is a 15-20 minute time slot for clients who were here 3-8 weeks ago. If it has been longer since your last visit do not schedule this appointment. I will need additional design time so please schedule accordingly.

8+ Weeks Since Last Visit


This is a 25 minute time slot. Book this appointment if it has been more than 8 weeks or longer since you were in last.

Man Brows


Men need their brows done too!

Student Client


This appointment is for all middle school and high school students. In order to receive the Student Client price, you may not tweeze or get your eyebrows waxed, sugared, or threaded elsewhere in between appointments.


First Visit


 4-6 Week Follow-Up



Lip $10

Chin or Cheeks $15

Nostrils $10

Full Face $55 (Including eyebrow cleanup)